Our mission

Based in Paris, we aim to help you with importing, researching and purchasing your products, so that you receive them in the best possible condition.

Since making the best possible purchases is critical in guaranteeing your margins, we dedicate import traders to your operations involving adapted supply chains. We create a link between our clients, and producers who may not necessarily have an exporting service.
Operations that require international trading can be carried out on a once off basis, or on a recurring, annual basis.

In 2022, FAG SAS
exported over


of products

Our services

Trading can be done with:

  • Raw materials
  • Chemical products
  • Plastics
  • Materials
  • Products classed as dangerous
  • Production equipment
  • Special Machinery

Engineering protocols for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) before shipments is also possible.


We will offer you multiple solutions to resolve a problem regarding the supply of imports or exports. Our payment is taken as a fixed or variable rate.

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2 rue du Donjon
91800 Brunoy • France

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